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Power Hour Talk Feb 4: A Dancer’s Pathway to Becoming a Professional Dancer

Join PDT Director/Former Professional Dancer Risa Kaplowitz, PDT Instructor/Former Professional Dancer Talin Kenar, and Columbia City Ballet Dancer/PDT Aluma Ashley Concannon as we discuss what a dancer needs to become a professional dancer and the various ways a dancer can move into this ultra-competitive professional career. You must register here for this FREE event! If you cannot attend after registering, please let us know.

This event will be held in the Forrestal Village Food Court.

PDT’s authentic and nurturing dance training has benefitted many who have gone on to dance professionally.  PDT alums who have danced or are currently dancing professionally include (in no particular order and apologies in advance for missing names): Jillian Davis, Ashley Concannon, Laura Whitby, Francesca Forcella, Drew Nelson, Max Azaro, Sarah Hay, Kayla Green, Lauren Spears, Will Tomaskovich, Emily Wohl, Mimi Gabriel, Lauren Spiers, Phoebe Sandford, David Claps, Mallory Davis, Trish Koch, Debra Bona, Henri Velandia, and Milena Hartog.

(Photo of Ashley Concannon)