Alumni & Testimonials

Congratulations to PDT, to this great institution! We attribute Jorina's academic success to the beautiful discipline of ballet. PDT offers a place where the children work so hard through their efforts, time, dedication and determination, all key to success. But we all know what difference great teachers make, and this amazing studio stands out from the rest in NJ. It is where the teachers believe in every single student, encourage and motivate them in every step, and cheer their successes. [They] have been Jorina's champion all these years by sharing knowledge and giving her respect and warmth, which grew the "plant" and soul of this dancer. You all have created a community that teaches more than just ballet. You all have taught our children how to become and live as better people. Thank you!

— Rajmonda Kardhashi

Wow! I could not recognize my own Max when I saw him performing in the studio today! So poised and confident. Thank you so much for inspiring him to work harder and pushing him to reach higher levels. Amazing improvement! Thank you!!!

— Monika Laskowski

As a student, I came to PDT looking for the right training and teachers I needed to aid in pursuing a professional ballet career. They did so much more. They provided training that enabled me to be confident and strong in different styles of dance. The teachers are always asking for your best effort, challenging you, and guiding you in the right direction, even if it was out of your comfort zone at times. On top of that, PDT provided performing opportunities that allowed everyone to develop and show their talent and artistry on the stage for family, friends, and the world to see.

Now as a professional dancer, I can look at PDT as my home. It was a place where I was able to grow into the artist I am today, and I thank them for everything they did for me.

— Jillian Davis, Complexions Contemporary Ballet

We are looking forward to being a part of the PDT family for a long time because there is not another dance school around that offers such professionalism and warmth.  My girls adore all of their teachers, as well as the office managers. Everyone makes us feel welcomed and of course the dance instruction is superb. The girls can not get enough of their time at your studio.

— Maura Nester

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we enjoyed the showcase on Sunday and how well organized your school was. Zaara loves to dance and she really enjoys her class. She sometimes closes her eyes in happiness while dancing. When I ask her to keep her eyes open so she knows how her hands and feet are coordinating, she tell me that "We don't dance with our hands and feet, we dance with the joy of our hearts"... I will be eternally grateful for igniting the love for dance in her. THANK YOU!!

— Sunayana Sarkar

PDT has been a home of mine for over 10 years. It's there that I was taught the foundation of solid, unaffected, clean technique, and just as validly, the importance of camaraderie, trust and positivity within the studio and on the stage. PDT has remained my home base since dancing at Indiana University and professionally. It remains a gem of a ballet school, and I am grateful to have such a lasting relationship with this studio.

— Laura Whitby, Sacramento Ballet

During my time at PDT, I grew exponentially both technically and artistically in its nurturing environment under the care and direction of knowledgeable instructors.  It gave me the tools I needed to begin to bridge the gap between the student and professional dance world.

— Francesca Forcella, Ballet X

I love guest teaching at PDT because the students are beautifully trained. New Jersey is lucky to have such a wonderful school in which to grow dancers.

— Karin Averty, Former Paris Opera Ballet and San Francisco Ballet Principal dancer and current master teacher

I am very grateful to PDT for having been a second home for my daughter. She was given amazing opportunities to work with instructors that nurtured and inspired. The lessons learned will carry her far towards her career goals.

— Pat Dementri, QVC Host and TV Personality

Thank you for an amazing 5-week virtual and in person Summer Intensive. I learned so much, and you forced me to challenge myself and want to be better. I began to dream bigger again and I found my confidence again. I met some really awesome new friends. I am excited about continuing my dance education with PDT this Fall! Yes taking class through Zoom works as hard as the dancers do. The instructor catches everything real time. Prepare to work!

— Anonymous

I felt improvement come to me after the first class I took with you. Thank you again for this fabulous experience and for your time, thoughtfulness when teaching me.

— Erin Donnelly
I thought of PDT as my home base, somewhere I was safe. I was not judged. And I loved being at the studio because it was a place where hard work actually paid off.
I was lucky enough to start taking classes in the school's infancy. I came in as an angular thirteen-year-old and left a confident budding artist. The founders, (and my mentors during my teenage years), approached each student with the same opportunities and the same message: No matter what your body looks like, if you work harder than you've ever worked, we will help you become the best dancer you can be. All students were pushed to reach their personal best; everyone in class was given corrections and advice for their own dancing. And along the way we all learned about professionalism, kindness, respect, passion, and camaraderie.
No detail was too small! In learning to see the details in our dancing, we became smart dancers--Ms. Kaplowitz especially taught us how to be aware of our bodies and how to work with them safely. As a yoga teacher, I am responsible now for my students' safety. I would not be the teacher I am today without my former teachers. I'll look at a student in Warrior II and think, "Oh, there's what they said about supporting my grand plie!" and I'll know what correction to give.
At PDT, they also stressed how important it was to be safe and kind to your fellow students. I got into the practice of being supportive to my classmates. These days if I am performing in a show with strangers, I will be courteous and complimentary, because I was taught that positive energy begets positive energy. You hear horror stories about some serious ballet studios and cruelty from teachers and students alike. Not PDT. I will always be grateful for the positivity, the drive, and the respect for the craft.
— Phoebe Rose Sandford - Founder of RedCourrant Collective Dance Company, Dancer with MishiDance, NYC and a Ballet and Yoga Instructor

I can't even begin to thank you enough for everything these past 12 years. PDT has given me a challenge, somewhere to escape to with the hectic problems that come in life, and has provided a loving community for me to grow in and flourish.

— Jorina Kardhashi, Princeton University '20

PDT Summer Intensive is results oriented and delivers an outstanding level of training. Not only have my students improved tremendously, they have also received training from the industry’s most sought after master teachers and guest artists... a marvelous program with complete student immersion, yielding results.

— Donna Pidel, Artistic Board of Examiners ABT. Director Ballet Conservatoire XIV

Nya absolutely LOVED PDTS and we were very impressed when she got back! She was placed in a sophomore level in her performing arts high school (as a freshman) and her technique just grew so much. I would definitely like to continue sending students to your program it was such a great fit!

— Kahina A. Haynes, Executive Director, The Dance Institute of Washington

The guest teachers brought in were AMAZING. The guests, in collaboration with the director's outstanding love for teaching, created a truly wonderful summer intensive experience.

— Hannah Marchok

The intensive was such an amazing experience for me. I got such great feedback and what's even better is that I can take it and apply it at home. I absolutely loved the training. I felt so at home and it so so nice to receive such personal attention. I felt like the staff cared about me succeeding.

— Sarah Butler

The PDT Summer Intensive was by far the best summer intensive I have ever attended. I feel so much stronger and so much more technically proficient. I am also so much more confident in myself and my dancing, and I will take the techniques I learned at PDT back home. I got so many corrections, which I feel confident will be useful for the duration of my training and career!!

— Hollis Baroody

The director and the teachers at PDT care deeply about each student and their success. They help each student build a correct foundation for technique and they give personalized corrections. PDT was my first SI and I learned so much in five weeks.

— Virginia Welsh

PDT's summer intensive is the best one I've ever been to. I met so many amazing people, and saw some familiar faces too. Learning new dances was of course my favorite part. I'm surprised at how strong I've become and I hope to continue to get stronger! Being a regular student at PDT is so fun and I was very happy to be a part of the summer intensive. I'm hoping to do it again next year! Thank you so much!

— Naya White

The teachers were amazing! I learned so much from the experience!

— Serenity Boffa

I really enjoyed this summer intensive. I met great instructors and people, but also learned so much in these past 5 weeks!


— Katarina Kendall

Our alumni have danced or are currently dancing professionally in/with:

Starz Series "Flesh and Bone" (Lead Character)
Alonzo King LINES Ballet
American Ballet Theatre

Atlanta Ballet

Ballet Magnificat!

Ballet Met


Ballet X

Ballet, Inc

Cirque du Soleil

Colorado Ballet
Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Dresden Semperoper Ballet

Houston Ballet (3) 

Labayan Dance/SF

North Carolina Dance Theatre

Orlando Ballet (4) 

Pacific Northwest Ballet
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Princess Cruise Line

Royal Danish Ballet

San Francisco Ballet

So You Think You Can Dance

The Royal Ballet

The Washington Ballet
Trip of Love (Off Broadway)

Our alumni have attended or are currently attending the following universities:

Princeton University (7)
Barnard College
Butler University
The University of Utah 
College of Fine Arts

Elon University Department of Performing Arts
Fordham University Ailey/Fordham BFA Program
Goucher College
Rutgers University 
Mason Gross School of the Arts
Ohio State University Department of Dance
Oklahoma City University Ann Lacey School of Dance & Entertainment
Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts (NYC)
University of Indiana Jacobs School of Music
SUNY Purchase 
Conservatory of Dance
Texas Christian University 
Department of Dance
New York University 
Tisch School of the Arts
University of Arizona School of Dance
University of South Florida 
School of Theatre and Dance at College of the Arts
Mercyhurst University Classical Ballet Program

Our students have attended summer intensive programs affiliated with:

Alonzo King LINES
American Ballet Theatre (NYC)

Atlanta Ballet

Bolshoi Ballet

Boston Ballet
Chautauqua Institution

Complexions Contemporary Ballet
Dutch National Ballet

Ellison Ballet

Houston Ballet

Joffrey Ballet, Chicago

The Juilliard School


Orlando Ballet

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Princeton Dance & Theater Studio

San Francisco Ballet
The Royal Ballet
The Royal Danish Ballet