Studio Philosophy and Policies

There are many schools that teach dance. At PDT, we are committed to not only teaching authentic dance technique but also to teaching the art and discipline of dance.

All of us at PDT live by our motto, “Compassionate dance training within a culture of high expectations.” These expectations go beyond dance. At PDT, students learn skills that will help them succeed in every aspect of their lives. We expect students to work hard in every class, and to be attentive, prompt, and respectful at all times. These are qualities that transcend the dance studio. To that end, families are responsible to for getting their child to class and picking them up promptly, showing compassion for other students, discouraging gossiping at home, and supporting their child’s passion for dance. These actions will ensure that your child thrives in their dance training at PDT.

Our students and their families must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Students should arrive to class on time. Being on time shows respect for the discipline, your classmates, and the instructor. If you are running late, you must call the studio. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late to any class are required to sit and watch the class.
  • Absences should be rare, and multiple absences will not be tolerated. If your child will be absent, you must call the studio. Dancers who are habitually absent will not improve with the rest of the class and will be excluded from participating in the year-end performance and in ballet examinations.
  • Ballet students from Primary Levels through the Conservatory Program, Jazz and Tap are expected to arrive to class in a clean uniform with their hair secured in a neat bun (for ballet) or tied away from the face (for all other classes). Students not in uniform or with hair unsecured will not be permitted to take class. As Susan Brooker of the ABT National Curriculum so eloquently stated, “The care taken and confidence associated with caring for one’s appearance reflects in a student’s work.”
  • All students are expected to behave with respect towards each other and towards the instructor at all times.

That being said, our dance programs are inclusive and there is something for everyone at PDT. Not every child is looking for the rigors of a dance curriculum. Students who are interested in a more relaxed program or are interested in improving dance skills for the purposes of participating in musical theater or other genres of dance should choose Recreational Ballet (ages 7-9), Adult/Teen Ballet (10+), and Adult/Teen Tap, Jazz which are perfect for dancers who cannot commit to a full year of dance and need flexibility in their schedules.

We look forward to seeing you or your child in class!

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